Lindsey knew at an early age that she enjoyed making unique images. Her quirky illustrations combine media, utilizing collage and thoughtful drawing techniques to mold characters and figures that are completely her own. Her irreverent figures often inspire a smile while her thoughtful renderings often evokes a memory or emotional reaction from the viewer. 

After graduating Rhode Island School of Design, in her home-state, she followed her love of art and design to New York where she discovered her passion for product design. Mingling her affection for images and products, she earned her stripes as an art director for various popular fashion brands. She created products that reached major retail outlets such as Nordstrom's and Bloomingdale's and in some cases even assisted in the molding of the brands' marketing and sell-through initiatives. All the while, Lindsey never lost her passion for drawing and image-making. 

Most happy with a pen in her hand, Lindsey is creating new sets of original images and iconography and applying her experience in product marketing to collaborate with partners in many product categories.